AO Spine Advanced level course on Endoscopy


December 8-11, 2019


Christoph Hofstetter, Seattle, United States


Albert Telfeian, Providence, United States of America

Educational Advisor

Jin Sung Kim, Seoul, South Korea

Supporting Faculty Members

Felix Dominguez Cortinas, Distrito Federal, Mexico

Frank Hassel, Freiburg, Germany

Jun-Ho Lee, Seoul, South Korea

Pramod V Lokhande, Pune, India

Mark Mahan, Salt Lake City, United States of America

Koichi Sairyo, Tokushima, Japan


In this course we will train the participants on endoscopy techniques providing an in-depth hands on training incl. small group practicals on specimen as well as endoscopy trainers, case discussions, lectures and debates (the good-the bad-the ugly session).

Why you should attend this course and how it could benefit your daily practice?

Full-endoscopic spine surgery is a rapidly emerging evolution of minimally invasive spine surgery. It offers the established spine surgeon novel surgical approach corridors to the spine which are not feasible using traditional technique. As the chairperson of the Advanced level course on Endoscopy at AO Spine Davos Courses 2019, I strongly recommend this course because it will give you the opportunity to greatly expand the range of indications that you can treat with full-endoscopic spine surgery. This course will help you to improve your patients’ outcomes, enlarge your outpatient practice, minimize your complications and hopefully inspire you to innovate within this exciting field of spine surgery.

What this course offers

This three-day course is designed for spine surgeons who have already performed basic endoscopic spine procedures and wish to expand their indications. The course will cover advanced endoscopic procedures for the cervical, thoracic and lumbar spine. All participants will have the opportunity to discuss  cases and previous experience with full-endoscopic spine surgery with the most established international endoscopic spine surgeons. Safe techniques to tackle challenging cases, intraoperative technical nuances and complication management will be  discussed in lectures and then practiced hands-on on simulators and specimen.

Learning Objectives

After attending this course, participants will be able to:
• Identify spinal pathology amenable for advanced endoscopic procedures
• Define limitations of current endoscopic technique and how to optimize its potential
• Describe the procedural steps of advanced endoscopic procedures.
• Discuss intraoperative safety, risk avoidance strategies and complications management.
• Select the optimal endoscopic approach corridor for treatment of certain pathology
• Describe the current clinical evidence for full-endoscopic spine procedures

Course Program

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